Introducing B Channel

Professional Burmese Subtitling Service is producing both open and closed caption Burmese subtitles including transcription. B Channel has creating Burmese subtitles with subtitling tools for all video formats including MOV, MPEG-2, WMV, FLV, etc. Only native professional subtitlers are producing only the language for English into Burmese and Burmese into English. We are warmly welcome to corporate with industry and individual for providing interview videos, educational videos, e-learning courses, feature films, documentary clips, etc.

About us

The area of Myanmar is 261, 228 square miles and according to 2014 census, the population of Myanmar is 51 million. By transforming the democratic government in 2010, international sanctions have also released and it has entered many investments. With the investments, Burmese localizations markets become broader because of applying Burmese localization strategy widely for expending markets. We have also started Localization Organization since 2012 and we have got enough experiences by engaging with many partnerships.


Subtitling Rates


English > Burmese

Burmese > English


USD 3/min

USD 4/min

Subtitling + Transcription

USD 5/min

USD 6/min

Note: Minimum order cost for Subtitling - USD 100

Open and closed Captioning Rates


English > Burmese

Burmese > English


USD 4/min

USD 6/min

Captioning + Transcription

USD 5/min

USD 7.5/min

Captioning + Translation

USD 6/min

USD 9/min

Note: Minimum order cost for Captioning - USD 100


File Length

Turnaround Time

Under 30 minutes

1 business day

Around 30 minutes to 1 hour

 2 business days

Around 1 to 3 hours

4 to 5 business days

More than 3 hours

5 to 6 business days

More than 4 hours

For details, discuss with email.

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